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What Should One Expect in a Federal Embezzlement Case?

If you are the subject of a federal embezzlement case, there are some things you may want to know about the process from the initial investigation to the trial. Generally, you will first be made aware of a federal embezzlement case against you when you receive a target letter from the United States Attorney’s Office. In most cases, this letter simply is intended to make you aware that you are being made the target of a grand jury investigation being conducted by the federal government.  Continue reading

Attorney Dudley has Now Practiced Law in 46 US District Court Jurisdictions

Admitted to represent pro had vice the claimant in U.S. v. U.S. Currency, a pending civil forfeiture case in the Northern District of Alabama, Attorney Dudley has now practiced law in 46 United States District Court jurisdictions across the country. Alabama becomes the 38th state in which Mr. Dudley has represented defendants facing serious federal or state criminal charges or claimants seeking the return of seized assets or currency. If you are facing major criminal charges or attempting to claim money or assets seized by the government, Mr. Dudley can provide you with the highest level of representation, no matter what the jurisdiction.