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Government Counsel Agrees to Quick Settlement

In U.S. v. $29,000, a man traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles was stopped by DEA agents at an airport.  When asked to consent to a search of his bag, he agreed.  From the bag, the agents seized approximately $29,000 in cash.  Attorney Dudley provided some, but by no means definitive, documentary evidence to the government demonstrating that his client had lawfully earned the money through gambling in Las Vegas.  To avoid extended litigation of the claim, government counsel agreed to a quick settlement of the matter for half of the seized currency.

David Helps Client Recover Thousands in Seized Cash

In U.S. v. $34,000, a Jamaican citizen residing in New York City was driving through the Birmingham area of Alabama when he was stopped by a state trooper.  A search of his vehicle ensued which resulted in officers seizing $34,000 in cash.  Although the stop and search appeared on the surface to be lawful, and the driver of the car provided no plausible explanation for the source of the money, Attorney Dudley asserted that the detention was likely motivated by racial profiling.  To resolve the matter without having to litigate the profiling allegation, government counsel agreed to release half of the money as an early settlement of the case.

David Gets Serious Drug Charges Dismissed

In U.S. v. $25,000, the defendant was arrested by a law-enforcement task force in alleged possession of over 50 kilograms of cocaine.  Agents also seized about $25,000 in U.S currency from the same house.  After Attorney Dudley obtained a DISMISSAL of the very serious drug charges pursuant to a pre-trial motion, he secured the RETURN of ALL the money to his client.

David Gets $280,000 In Seized Funds Returned

In U.S. v. $280,000, local law-enforcement authorities searched the residence of a person who was subject to federal supervised release.  From the garage they seized approximately $280,000 in U.S. currency.  Those authorities then turned over the money to a federal agency for forfeiture proceedings.  After Attorney Dudley persuaded government counsel that the search and seizure was unlawful, the government RETURNED ALL the currency to his client.

Mr. Dudley Recovers Money for Client

At an international airport, DEA agents surveyed a Jamaican national after he arrived on a domestic flight. Before he left the airport, those agents stopped and searched him. In a carry-on bag, they found $18,000 in United States currency. The DEA subsequently initiated forfeiture proceedings against the money. Prior to the government filing an anticipated civil forfeiture complaint in U.S. v. $18,000.00, Attorney David M. Dudley, through informal discussions, convinced the authorities to return all the money to his client.

Attorney Dudley has an excellent record of recovering money, houses, vehicles and other assets from the government on behalf of his clients, even in cases where substantial factual evidence and legal authority supports a potential forfeiture of those assets. If the government has seized your money or other property, Mr. Dudley may be able to help you recover all or most of it.