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David Secures Dismissal of Violation Allegations

In U.S. v. F.P., the defendant received a probationary grant after his federal conviction for alien smuggling in Arizona.  Upon his release from custody, the defendant immediately absconded from probation and was not arrested for approximately 14 years until he was found in Southern California.  Facing little chance of release on bond and several years of incarceration for the serious probation violation, the defendant retained Attorney Dudley.  At the defendant’s initial appearance, Mr. Dudley was able to convince the court to release the defendant pending violation proceedings.  Later, Mr. Dudley was able to persuade federal prosecutors to transfer the defendant’s probationary supervision and those proceedings to California.  Shortly thereafter, Attorney Dudley secured a DISMISSAL of the violation allegations and the termination of his client’s probation without his client ever serving a day in jail.


Dudley Prompts Presecutor to Dismiss All Misdemeanor Charges

In P. v. K.P., the defendant, who had owned an after-hours nightclub, was charged by local authorities with violating several city ordinances, all misdemeanors, in relation to the operation of that club. The defendant’s initial attorney advised her to plead guilty to one of those charges and accept county jail time as a condition of probation. The defendant then decided to hire Mr. Dudley for the purpose of negotiating a better disposition. After presenting the city prosecutor with two important mitigating circumstances which prior counsel had not brought to her attention, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all the misdemeanor charges and allow the defendant to plead no contest to a minor infraction, with the imposition of court costs as the only penalty.