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Deportation Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor Upon Completion of Probation

In P. v. G.M., the defendant was arrested in possession of two pounds of marijuana.  Because he was citizen of Mexico and a permanent resident of the United States, he faced mandatory deportation if convicted of either of the two felony drug-trafficking counts filed against him.  Attorney Dudley was eventually able to secure a plea bargain to a non-deportable felony that was reduced to a MISDEMANOR upon the defendant’s successful completion of a probationary term.

No Contest Plea Results in 60 Days Community Service

In P. v. L.C., the defendant was charged with unlawfully possessing a large quantity of promethazine cough syrup to be shipped from California to Texas.  The district attorney would not move from its original offer that the defendant, who had no criminal record and a serious medical problem, would have to serve two years in jail as part of any plea bargain.  After a new judge was assigned to the case, Attorney Dudley convinced the court that jail time was inappropriate for this defendant.  The court agreed, accepting the defendant’s open no contest plea and sentencing her to probation with 60 days of community service and NO CUSTODY TIME.

Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor & Sentence Reduced to 6 Months

In P. v. J.H., the defendant in a road rage incident was specifically accused of making terrorist threats while brandishing a handgun at the driver of another vehicle, his wife, and his young child.  Although he was a young man with no criminal record, he was facing two felony counts that would have counted as strikes under California’s sentencing laws and many years in state prison.  Through patient but persistent negotiation, Attorney Dudley finally convinced the district attorney to allow his client to plead no contest to a non-strike felony that would be reduced to a misdemeanor upon the defendant’s successful completion of probation.  Under that disposition, his client was sentenced to a time-served sentence of only six months.

Client With Long Criminal Record Gets Sentence Reduced to 8 Months

In S. v. M.R., the defendant was accused of participating in an interstate fraud scheme which specifically targeted senior citizens.  She was formally charged with multiple felony counts in two different states.  Although his client had a lengthy criminal record, including a federal robbery conviction, and although she only paid a portion of the total restitution which exceeded $100,000, Attorney Dudley achieved a global settlement of the multi-jurisdictional cases for an aggregate sentence of eight months incarceration.

10-Year Minimum Sentence Reduced to 9 Months

In U.S. v. B.T., the defendant was facing a ten-year mandatory minimum sentence for allegedly conspiring to distribute crack cocaine.  After it was discovered that the government’s primary investigating agent had engaged in misconduct in other cases, though not that one, Attorney Dudley was able to negotiate a settlement of the matter which ultimately resulted in his client receiving a sentence of nine months, followed by nine months of house arrest.

David Helps Client Avoid Prison Time

In U.S v. D.A., the defendant was accused of participating in a conspiracy to distribute large quantities of pharmaceutical drugs unlawfully from California to Washington and Alaska.  The defendant faced a potential federal guideline sentence of over ten years, despite her youthfulness and lack of criminal record.  To protect her from such a draconian sentence, Attorney Dudley worked out a disposition under which she faced a maximum penalty of approximately 33 months, for which the government in fact argued at sentencing.  Directing the district court to the defendant’s very unstable and almost tragic upbringing, along with an older co-conspirator’s manipulation of her, the sentencing judge imposed NO PRISON TIME, placing the defendant instead on an 18-month term of house arrest.

David Stops Embezzlement Charges from Being Filed

M.B. worked for a franchise of a nationwide coffee house chain.  She was terminated after the owner of that franchise discovered that she had embezzled thousands of dollars from his store.  A felony criminal investigation commenced.  On the verge of meeting with an investigating detective who would have arrested her, she instead decided to retain Attorney Dudley.  Citing the defendant’s young age and lack of criminal history, Mr. Dudley convinced the detective that a civil settlement of the matter would be in the best interest of all involved.  Once the victim owner accepted that proposal, he received a monetary settlement and NO CHARGES were filed.

Client Attains David’s Counsel After Arrests & Avoids Having Charges Filed

A.D., a Chinese citizen in the United States on a green card, was arrested allegedly in possession of several hundred marijuana plants under illegal cultivation.  Through a series of e-mail communications, Attorney Dudley persuaded investigating officers that his client had nothing to do with that cultivation, that he was simply at the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time.  Consequently, the officers did not present the case against his client to the district attorney and NO CHARGES were filed.  This was another case in which that client might have been charged had he not retained counsel immediately after his arrest.