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David Gets Drug Trafficking Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor

In P v. D.C., the defendant was arrested after placing several pounds of marijuana into the U.S. Mail.  A Jamaican citizen in the United States on a work permit, he would have faced mandatory deportation if convicted of a drug trafficking felony.  With not much of a defense to work with, Attorney Dudley negotiated a disposition pursuant to which his client’s charge was REDUCED to a misdemeanor after he served two years of probation that included no jail time, only community service.  The immigration courts have since allowed him to remain lawfully in this country.

David Gets Serious Drug Charges Dismissed

In U.S. v. $25,000, the defendant was arrested by a law-enforcement task force in alleged possession of over 50 kilograms of cocaine.  Agents also seized about $25,000 in U.S currency from the same house.  After Attorney Dudley obtained a DISMISSAL of the very serious drug charges pursuant to a pre-trial motion, he secured the RETURN of ALL the money to his client.

David Secures Dismissal of Violation Allegations

In U.S. v. F.P., the defendant received a probationary grant after his federal conviction for alien smuggling in Arizona.  Upon his release from custody, the defendant immediately absconded from probation and was not arrested for approximately 14 years until he was found in Southern California.  Facing little chance of release on bond and several years of incarceration for the serious probation violation, the defendant retained Attorney Dudley.  At the defendant’s initial appearance, Mr. Dudley was able to convince the court to release the defendant pending violation proceedings.  Later, Mr. Dudley was able to persuade federal prosecutors to transfer the defendant’s probationary supervision and those proceedings to California.  Shortly thereafter, Attorney Dudley secured a DISMISSAL of the violation allegations and the termination of his client’s probation without his client ever serving a day in jail.

David Gets $280,000 In Seized Funds Returned

In U.S. v. $280,000, local law-enforcement authorities searched the residence of a person who was subject to federal supervised release.  From the garage they seized approximately $280,000 in U.S. currency.  Those authorities then turned over the money to a federal agency for forfeiture proceedings.  After Attorney Dudley persuaded government counsel that the search and seizure was unlawful, the government RETURNED ALL the currency to his client.