Monthly Archives: June 2013

Dudley Retained as Trial Counsel in Massive $20,000,000 Ponzi Scheme Case

U.S. v. V.S. is a pending federal investment fraud prosecution in which the defendant is accused of directing a massive $20,000,000 Ponzi scheme in Northern California by taking advantage of his cultural affinity to approximately 190 supposed victims. Seeking an aggressive defense against those charges, the individual accused in that matter has recently retained Attorney Dudley as trial counsel.

Dudley Demonstrates that Company Had not Violated Immigration Laws

S.F., Inc. is a forestry company that was does business in New Mexico and other states. In February of this year one of its work vehicles, an expensive four-wheel drive van, was stopped by agents of the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The agents arrested several S.F. employees who were riding in the van as undocumented immigrants. The officers then seized the van and the agency moved to forfeit it. S.F. retained Attorney Dudley to defend the forfeiture and recover the vehicle. In a detailed Petition for Remission of Forfeiture, Mr. Dudley demonstrated that the company itself had not violated any laws whatsoever. Within days of receiving that Petition, Customs and Border Protection agreed to release the van.