Monthly Archives: March 2013

Reduced Term Given to a Defendant Accused of Crack Cocaine Distribution Conspiracy

In U.S. v. J.P., the defendant was accused of participating in a conspiracy by a street gang to distribute large amounts of crack cocaine. His prior criminal history qualified him for career offender status under the United States Sentencing Guidelines. The conviction that ultimately placed him in that status was one for assault with a deadly weapon—a case in which he had fired multiple rounds from a semi-automatic weapon at a private security officer in his patrol vehicle. Under the habitual offender provisions of the guidelines, the defendant faced a minimum sentence of 188 months. While emphasizing the extreme seriousness of that conviction for assault with a firearm, the district court accepted Attorney Dudley’s argument that his client had committed that crime, and several other felonies, many years in the past when he was a young, misguided, abused, drug-addicted, and reckless youth. Consequently, he sentenced the defendant to an imprisonment term of 96 months, over 8 years less than that recommended by the guidelines.

Attorney Dudley Retained as Trial Counsel in Case involving Largest US Seizure of PCP

U.S. v. D.B. is a pending federal indictment charging a nationwide conspiracy to distribute massive quantities of PCP. The critical events precipitating that indictment included the seizure of approximately 139 gallons of PCP, the largest seizure of PCP in the history of the United States. Attorney Dudley has recently been retained as trial counsel for the principal defendant in that case. Mr. Dudley has now represented defendants in several of the largest PCP cases ever filed in the federal and state courts of this nation.