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Mr. Dudley Recovers Money for Client

At an international airport, DEA agents surveyed a Jamaican national after he arrived on a domestic flight. Before he left the airport, those agents stopped and searched him. In a carry-on bag, they found $18,000 in United States currency. The DEA subsequently initiated forfeiture proceedings against the money. Prior to the government filing an anticipated civil forfeiture complaint in U.S. v. $18,000.00, Attorney David M. Dudley, through informal discussions, convinced the authorities to return all the money to his client.

Attorney Dudley has an excellent record of recovering money, houses, vehicles and other assets from the government on behalf of his clients, even in cases where substantial factual evidence and legal authority supports a potential forfeiture of those assets. If the government has seized your money or other property, Mr. Dudley may be able to help you recover all or most of it.

Mr. Dudley Helps Client Get Vehicle Back Prior to Resolution

In P. v. D.S., the defendant is charged with transporting four kilograms of cocaine to a FedEx facility in a box addressed to an individual in New Jersey.  Narcotics agents at the facility immediately intercepted the box, which they deemed suspicious, and, shortly thereafter, they requested that local patrol officers stop the defendant’s late model Jaguar, the car that he had used to bring the box to FedEx, for the purpose of detaining him.

The execution of a search warrant uncovered the four kilos in the box.  Subsequently, officers arrested the defendant and seized his vehicle.  Forfeiture proceedings were commenced against the Jaguar, which was worth over $50,000, based upon its usage in the drug offense. Attorney Dudley, however, was able to persuade the prosecutor to return the vehicle before the criminal case was even resolved.

Only Defendant in an Extensive Indictment to be Released on Bail

Mr. Dudley Client Released on a No-Bail, Signature Bond

In U.S. v. G.S., at his client’s initial appearance in federal court, Attorney Dudley was able to secure the defendant’s immediate release from custody on a no-bail, signature bond. She was a resident of Houston, Texas facing federal criminal prosecution for a firearms offense in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Three months after her release, the defendant was detained by the United States Marshal’s Service in her rental car near the house at which she resided while marshals searched that residence.  Inside the residence, they found her ex-boyfriend, a federal fugitive and a co-defendant in her Iowa gun case.  Accused of harboring a fugitive, a federal felony, the defendant was soon thereafter charged with violating her pre-trial release conditions and committed to federal custody.

At a subsequent bail revocation hearing in Cedar Rapids, over vehement government objection, Attorney Dudley was able to convince a federal magistrate judge that sufficient mitigating circumstances existed to justify her release on electronic monitoring, despite overwhelming evidence that she had committed a felony while released on bond, pending the final disposition of her case, which was not to take place for several months later.

Other than the obvious maintenance of liberty which pre-trial release secures, often for months or even years in a given case, such release also allows a defense attorney to have much better communications with a client who is facing serious federal or state criminal charges.  That enhanced communication can often mean the difference between winning and losing a case.

Although a defendant should never engage in conduct which violates his or her federal pre-trial release conditions, if an accusation of such violative conduct does take place, he or she needs an attorney who, unlike most defense lawyers, is willing to contest that accusation and ensure his client’s continued release.

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