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Client Accused of Marijuana Distribution Scheme Released on Bond

As the first step in a substantial, high-publicity effort to prosecute marijuana traffickers operating out of California, federal authorities recently indicted an individual charged with organizing and managing the distribution of thousands of pounds of marijuana from California and Arizona to other states over the course of several years.

Attorney David M. Dudley’s client was accused by those authorities of laundering the illegal proceeds received by that individual as a consequence of the alleged multi-state marijuana distribution scheme.

At her initial appearance and detention hearing in U.S. v. S.J., Mr. Dudley convinced the United States Magistrate Judge to release his client immediately on an unsecured bond, requiring only her signature and that of a family member as a pre-condition for her release.  Once again, as occurs in the majority of Mr. Dudley’s federal cases, his client was released on bond (this time bond with no secured financial commitment) pending trial.

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Mr. Dudley Practices in 45th United States District Court Jurisdiction

Admitted pro hac vice to represent the defendant in U.S. v. G.S., a federal firearms prosecution in the Northern District of Iowa, Attorney David M. Dudley has now practiced law in 45 United States District Court jurisdictions across the country.

Iowa is the 37th state in which Mr. Dudley has represented defendants charged with serious federal or state crimes.  If you are facing major criminal charges, federal or state, Mr. Dudley can provide you with the highest level of criminal defense, no matter what the jurisdiction.

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Read About Mr. Dudley’s Recent Federal Drug Offense Case

Many federal defendants who have served their primary sentence, but who remain on supervised release, assume that nothing can be done to overcome or mitigate a federal probation officer’s recommendation that a court find them in violation of their release conditions. Attorney David M. Dudley has consistently proven this assumption to be incorrect.

Recently, in the case of U.S. v. W.D., while Mr. Dudley’s client was on supervised release after serving a brief term of imprisonment for drug trafficking in Colorado and Pennsylvania, he was apprehended in Los Angeles, California at his present residence with several pounds of marijuana in his bedroom closet.

Although his client faced a possible 2 to 3 year sentence for the commission of new criminal conduct, Mr. Dudley, facing one of the most onerous sentencing judges in the United States, was able to obtain for the defendant a 3 month commitment to a halfway house. This allowed the defendant to keep his job as a licensed real estate appraiser and terminated the remaining portion of his supervised-release obligation.

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