Monthly Archives: October 2011

Mr. Dudley Wins Battle to Obtain Liberty Pending Trial

Recently, Attorney David M. Dudley began representing a defendant charged with serious federal firearms offenses in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in U.S. v. G.S. The defendant was arrested in her city of residence, Houston, Texas.

Upon arrest, the United States Marshals brought the defendant to court in the Southern District of Texas.  Seventeen other defendants appeared in court that day for detention hearings on out-of-state cases.  Mr. Dudley’s client was the only one who was granted bail, and she was released immediately.

As Mr. Dudley has emphasized, sometimes the most difficult and most significant battle in federal criminal cases is the first one — the battle to obtain liberty pending trial.  And, as demonstrated by his record over 26 years, Mr. Dudley wins most of those battles.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a serious crime, contact criminal defense attorney David M. Dudley for the representation you need.